Role of Our Association

Cranberry Cove Port Credit Ratepayers’ Association

Role of our Association

  • Inform homeowners of local community issues
  • Communicate and/or take positions on issues and concerns and represent our community with the City of Mississauga and/or the Ontario Provincial Government
  • Promote community and social activities

Many of the issues that concern our Association relate to decisions and policies adopted by the City.  Our activism with other levels of government arises from our membership in MIRANET (Mississauga Residents Network) which represents a broad consensus of its 22 member associations.  Our Association is focused on communication with members, issue identification, consultation and if necessary, representation before Council or Planning Committee.

Communication with our Membership: is undertaken by posting information on our website, by email blasts to the current membership, flyer distribution to the neighbourhood or personal consultation.  Information received from the City is forwarded to our executive and/or the general membership. 

Issue Identification: any changes that are imposed upon our neighbourhood, such as rezoning applications, or changes we wish to promote (reduced speed limit on Ben Machree Drive) become issues. Communication with our membership is critical.  Input from our membership is important.

City Wide Issues:  our membership in MIRANET allows our Association input on City-wide issues.   MIRANET is regularly present at Governance Committee and Budget Committee and presents deputations as required to City Council.  

MIRANET has raised issues with the Ontario Government concerning the appropriate role of the Ontario Municipal Board, the siting of gas powered generating stations within the City, the criteria for locating crematoria in an urban environment, and the approval process for locating cell towers in residential communities. 

Promotion of Community Awareness and Social Issues:
Members of our Association are active volunteers.  Events such as the shoreline garbage collection, the community volunteering project, raising money for the waterfront trail benches and the Stewardship Agreement with the City are examples.

Combined with the events organized by the Social Committee (Easter egg hunt, September picnic, caroling in the park and community garage sale), these provide a sense of purpose and visibility within our neighbourhood.  They also provide the Association with goodwill and credibility when we request assistance from the City.  For a small ratepayer association our volunteer commitment is our greatest strength.

Executive Committee