Cranberry Cove – Port Credit Ratepayers’ Association


1. Name

Cranberry Cove – Port Credit Ratepayers’ Association ("the Association")

2. Policy

The Association is a non-profit organization that will operate according to the Constitution.

3. Purpose

To inform homeowners of local community issues and communicate and/or take positions with the City of Mississauga and/or the Ontario Provincial Government or any other governing agency or corporation, on issues and concerns of local community interest. To promote community and social activities when practical.

4. Membership

Membership is open to all ratepayers and family members residing with them over the age of 18 for each home within the streets listed below (see Boundaries). Membership fees shall be $10.00 per household per year. Each household has one vote. Membership expires on December 31 each year, or when residents move out of the area.

5, Boundaries

The Association shall represent homeowners who live on the following streets – Pine Ave. South, Maple Ave. South, Ben Machree Drive and Godfreys Lane.

6. Executive

The Executive shall consist of the following elected positions:





Membership Co-ordinator

The executive has the authority to establish committees as required, and appoint interested members to such committees.

A quorum of the executive or any of its committees shall be three persons.

7. Executive Responsibilities

The President shall provide leadership for the association and chair the executive and general meetings. The President or Vice-President shall sit as a member of all standing committees.

The Vice-President shall act for the President when the latter is unavailable and assist with developing policy issues.

The Treasurer shall maintain a financial record of all transactions and will hold any cash in trust.

The Secretary shall record the minutes of all meetings and maintain a minutes file.

The Membership Coordinator shall assist with the enrolment of new members for the Association and maintain a current membership list.

The Social Convenor shall hair the Social Committee and coordinate the staging of social events.

8. Annual General Meeting/Special General Meeting

An Annual General Meeting ("AGM") shall be held each year no later than the end of November. At least two weeks notice of the meeting shall be provided to members.

A Special General Meeting will be held if requested by at least 15 paid members, or as directed by the Executive. At least two weeks notice shall be provided to members.

9. Elections

Election of the executive shall take place at the Annual General Meeting.

The outgoing executive shall determine the voting procedure.

The newly elected executive members will assume their duties immediately following the Annual General Meeting. The term of office for all positions of the executive shall be one year.

If any member of the executive moves from the area represented by the Association, he/she shall immediately resign and the vacancy filled in accordance with Article 10.

10. Filling of Vacancies

Any vacancy shall be filled on a pro temp basis upon an affirmative vote of the executive at any regular meeting.

11. Quorum for AGM

A quorum shall require the attendance of at least 15 paid members for elections to be held at the Annual General Meeting, or for any motions to be passed at a special general meeting.

12. Finances

The treasurer shall pay any expenses approved by two executive members. No executive member shall approve his or her own expenses.

13. Fees

Currently set at $10.00 per household per year, the executive shall seek membership approval to increase fees.

14. Dissolution of the Association

The Association may be dissolved, if necessary, by a motion to rescind the Constitution presented at a Special General Meeting. Provision for disposal of the assets shall be addressed and voted upon.

15. Constitutional Amendments

Amendments to the Constitution may be made at a Special General Meeting, after the proposed amendments have been circulated to the general membership.

Printed copies of the amended Constitution shall be made available to the membership.

All changes/revisions shall be submitted to the City of Mississauga for information purposes.

16. Signatures

This constitution has been approved by a vote of the membership held on November 20, 2008, and signed by the following members of the executive of the Cranberry Cove Port Credit Ratepayers’ Association.





Membership Co-ordinator