Cranberry Cove Port Credit Ratepayers’ Association

MINUTES - Annual General Meeting

November 13, 2012

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held in the program room of the Port Credit Library. Approximately 50 people attended. Guest speakers were Karen Chisholme from the Credit Valley Conservation Authority (CVCA) and Jim Tovey, Councillor Ward 1.

Karen provided an in-depth presentation on shoreline management issues, concentrating on the Cranberry Cove area. She began with a short video of Robert Bateman speaking about the stewardship of the CVCA. She also showed aerial photos of the local shoreline from Saddington Park through to the Rattray Marsh.

Judy Smith had previously attended a meeting of the Lake Ontario Shoreline Study (LOISS) which examines environmental conditions up to 2.0 km from the water’s edge. Karen dealt in some detail with the ongoing algae problem experienced along the shoreline, which was particularly severe last summer. Algae requires sunlight and traditionally grows in water depths up to 10 m, but as zebra mussels filter and reduce turbidity, algae is now growing to greater depths. The algae plants start to die in July, at which time floating mats of dead algae are created that wash ashore. Algae will continue to proliferate as long as zebra mussels persist.

Algae also proliferate because of the amount of nutrients washed into the lake, particularly from the Credit River. One of the CVCA’s specific shoreline strategies is to limit the use of fertilizer and road salts close to the lake.

Judy Smith thanked Karen for her presentation and presented her with a gift certificate from Chapters/Indigo.

Councillor Tovey briefly spoke on several local issues. In reclaiming part of the waterfront at the old Lakeview Power Plant site, he claimed that $20.0 million will be saved by using fill from the Hanlan Trunk sewer project, instead of trucking it to a suitable disposal location.

He briefly touched on several development projects in the immediate Port Credit vicinity including the proposed Ann Street site (FRAM), the Benson & Lakeshore site (Helmuth Strobl) and the proposed townhouse development at 375 Lakeshore Road West (Tong Hahn).

Executive reports were presented by the treasurer, Tim Trueman, the social secretary, Yvonne Schut, the membership secretary, Judy Smith and the president, Chris Mackie.

A new executive for the coming year was acclaimed as follows:

President: Chris Mackie

Vice-President: Hugh Mackenzie

Treasurer: Tim Trueman

Secretary: Yvonne Schut

Membership Coordinators: Lisa Furlan & Jolene Leon

The meeting adjourned at 8:55 p.m.