Cranberry Cove Port Credit Ratepayers’ Association

Annual General Meeting, November 24, 2011


The annual general meeting was held in the Port Credit Library meeting room. Approximately 55 people attended. Chris Mackie welcomed those present, particularly non-members attending the meeting.

Frank Buckley, Parks Development Manager, Recreation and Parks Department, Mississauga was the invited guest speaker. His power point presentation described the historic development of Brueckner Rhododendron Gardens and the recently acquired plant stock obtained from the former Hancock Woodland Nursery in Mississauga, which specialized in rhododendron plants. He mentioned the possible acquisition of the former Penna estate, which would enable the gardens to be expanded.

Frank also described the development of both Saddington and Ben Machree Parks, now connected by the Waterfront Trail, part of the Trans-Canada Waterfront Trail system. It was remarked that winter use of the trail is becoming more popular since the City has cleared the snow for the past three winters.

Following several questions, Judy Smith thanked Frank for his power point presentation.

In introducing Executive member Hugh Mackenzie, Chris Mackie explained that Stefan Savelli, Vice-President, Development, Trinity Development Group had requested time that day to make a presentation at the meeting. Although the request was declined, Mr. Savelli was present and identified himself.

Hugh provided a detailed description of the Trinity proposal for the lands at Enola Avenue and Lakeshore Road East. Formally known as the Walmart development, a letter was received from Mr. Savelli explaining that no department store tenant had yet been secured.

The proposed development on a 14-acre parcel of land stretching from Lakeshore Road East to the CNR railway tracks, consists of 290 condominium units contained in two buildings, 12 storeys and 20 storeys respectively, 13 townhouses, 90,000 sq. ft of department store retail plus other commercial/ professional space and 4 ½ acres of open space along the Cooksville Creek. The majority of the parking spaces will be provided under the department store retail area. Three traffic entrances are planned from Lakeshore Road and two from Enola Avenue. Fences will separate the Trinity development from existing homes on Enola Avenue. Hugh suggested that the traffic generated by the development, noise during construction and lighting are all issues.

Hugh briefly summarized the plans proposed by Tiffany Developments at Lakeshore Road West and Benson Avenue, on 2.4 acres, currently consisting of two 8-storey condominium towers, an 8-storey seniors’ residence containing 120 units and 17 three-storey townhouses. The condominium towers will have a three-story pedestal, with retail/commercial at ground level. One exit/entrance to the underground parking is proposed from Benson Avenue.

A fourth community meeting with the principal of Tiffany Developments Mr. Helmuth Strobl, was expected. Councillor Tovey who was in attendance was asked to advise the local associations when a development application is filed with the City’s planning department.

Executive Reports

Chris Mackie briefly thanked the outgoing executive, particularly Judy Smith for her administrative work on behalf of the Association, and Yvonne Schut as the chair of the three person Social Committee.

Tim Trueman, Treasure reported on the Association’s credit balance and his plans to deposit part of the funds in an interest-bearing account.

Yvonne Schut, Social Committee, reported on the plans for the forthcoming carolling in Ben Machree Park, a garage and plant sale next spring, the Easter egg hunt in April and our September picnic.

Executive Elections

President: Chris Mackie - proposed by Hugh Mackenzie, seconded Rick Shaver

Vice-President: Hugh Mackenzie - proposed by Judy Smith, seconded Chris Mackie

Treasurer: Tim Trueman - by proposed Yvonne Shut, seconded Judy Smith

Secretary: Yvonne Schut - proposed by Chris Mackie, seconded Tim Trueman

Membership Co-ordinator: Judy Smith - proposed by Chris Mackie, seconded Hugh Wesley.

Other Business

Jeff Stapleton enquired as to the composition of the Social Committee for the forthcoming year.

There being no other business the meeting adjourned at 8:55 p.m.

CJM 29/11/2011